Andrea Falcone, Registered Dietitian, Mississauga, ON

Andrea Falcone

Andrea Falcone

Registered Dietitian
Mississauga, ON
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Andrea Falcone, Registered Dietitian, Registered Dietitian and Certified Fitness Professional Food is Fuel! So, ultimately learning to change our relationship with food would result in a beautiful understanding of how best to fuel our bodies! This would be the ultimate package – yet, the most important relationship we first have to strive for is that with ourselves.

Something I struggled with and did not achieve for many years of my life – until I started working on myself. Though this didn’t come overnight and a big part of it was strengthened as I did learn about food, the human body and my mental and physical health – it did all fall into place, much like the pieces of a puzzle.

Growing up, the harsh words of bullies coupled with a constant “dieting” society and the need to “look” a certain way really shifted how I felt about myself and how I looked. In high school I developed an eating disorder – something I felt I could finally control.

And though not even about food (the eating disorder – in most cases), this was the act of doing something (I suffered silently with Bulimia Nervosa) when feelings and emotions brought me to a point and situation where I felt out of touch with myself – nervous and anxious, or out of control – and resulted in my binging and purging activities. Though it is something I am not proud of, I have realized over the years that my going through this has helped in shaping and shifting me into the person I am today and more so, share my story with others and help them get to a point where they are absolutely in love with who they are – their value and worth in this world.

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    You may have tried all sorts of diets, but if Weight Loss and Slow Metabolism play a role, you might need help from someone who can assist you with meal planning and nutrition. For more information, you should consider visiting a Registered Dietitian in Mississauga, ON, such as Andrea Falcone.

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