When Should You Call Your Doctor During Pregnancy?

Dr. Nardia Strydom, MD, family physician, discusses when you should call your doctor.

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Dr. Nardia Strydom, MD, family physician, discusses when you should call your doctor.
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In the third trimester there might be a few different reasons why you'd want to call your doctor.

Bleeding is often them most common reason why people would want to call their doctor. It could be a sign that you're going into labor and that your cervix is opening up, and we call that your show.

But sometimes bleeding can be associated with a complication and so you should always call your doctor then. The other reasons why you might want to call your doctor or midwife in the third trimester is if your water broke, which could be associated with going into labor, if you were having contractions and you thought this is it, the time has come, or the last reason might be if you were worried about the baby moving.

Basically, if you're worried, you call. Remember that at any stage of your pregnancy, whether it's first, second or third trimester, things may come up that you feel uncertain about, and then you should call your doctor or midwife and get some help.

Presenter: Dr. Nardia Strydom, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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