How Body Weight Affects Conception and Pregnancy

Dr. Karen Nordahl, MD, discusses how weight affects pregnancy.

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Dr. Karen Nordahl, MD, discusses how weight affects pregnancy.
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Exercise is really important if you're trying to get pregnant.

There's a couple of studies that have shown that if you have a BMI less than 30 you have a greater chance of actually conceiving, and have a lower incidence of developing pregnancy induced hypertension and gestational diabetes in pregnancy.

So what a BMI of 30 means is a five-foot-six-inch woman should weigh less than 147 pounds. And exercise can be very simple. You don't have to join a gym. Get out and walk. Go to yoga. It doesn't necessarily mean a formal exercise program where you have to be under the vision of a personal trainer.

So do something that you can easily get access to. Start a walking program, 45 to 50 mins up to five days a week. Get on a bike, get outdoors, get indoors, get an elliptical trainer, swim, any kind of formal sport that you'd be interested in so if you already have a tennis membership for instance, continue to play tennis, squash, racquetball, anything works, whatever you enjoy.

So the one thing to remember is pre-pregnancy BMI – a BMI of less than 30 – has been found to be a really good indicator as to whether or not you're gong to get pregnant and how healthy your pregnancy is going to be.

So if you have any questions about whether or not you should be exercising or what exercise you can do, please talk to your healthcare provider.

Presenter: Dr. Karen Nordahl, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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