Ensuring Your Baby is Okay After Delivery

Dr. Barra O' Briain, MD, discusses how to know your baby is doing well after delivery.

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Dr. Barra O' Briain, MD, discusses how to know your baby is doing well after delivery.
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You know if your baby's okay if the baby is settling with the feeds, if the baby is pooping, if the baby is passing urine, and if the baby settles in your arms.

That's the dilemma some of us in our analytic society face is that we like to measure what we're giving the baby, and you can't measure breast milk, if it's coming from the breast.

So you know your baby's breastfeeding well by the same measure, if you feel your breasts emptying, if you feel that the baby is settling on the breasts, and if the baby's passing stool and urine, you're doing fine.

Babies don't only cry, though, when they're hungry. They cry because they might be wet. They might be lonely. There might be even a scent in the room that's bothering them or a noise.

The importance of the prenatal period is to really nurture and foster that relationship with the newborn. It's to connect at both the physical and emotional level and be emotionally and physically available to get a read on what the baby's needs are. And that's a trial and error process that requires you to be very present in those domains.

Emergencies regarding the baby in the postpartum period are very rare. But should they arise, for instance, if there's any choking, if the baby's struggling to breathe, or there's a significant color change, and you feel the baby may be blue, then the person to call in that situation is 911. Otherwise, for more how you're baby's doing and these non-urgent questions, it would be to call your healthcare provider.

If you have questions with regards to how you're doing with the baby or how the baby's doing after you're home from the hospital or after the birth, contact your healthcare provider that's either taken care of you during your pregnancy or who has been assigned to you postpartum in order to answer those questions.

Presenter: Dr. Barra O'Briain, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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