Exercise Post Delivery of Your Baby

Dr. Karen Nordahl, MD, discusses Exercise Post Delivery of Your Baby

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Dr. Karen Nordahl, MD, discusses Exercise Post Delivery of Your Baby
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Featuring Dr. Karen Nordahl, MD

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After you've delivered your baby vaginally, it is quite safe to do some of your core and pelvic floor exercises immediately after delivery, in the hospital if you're able to do it.

The exercises you do after that will in part be limited by how tired you are by looking after your newborn. So as soon as you feel you're capable, get out with your stroller, go for a walk, get into a gym that has some type of childcare. Anything that you can with your baby will actually encourage you to keep up with your exercise program after delivery.

One of the things to remember after you've delivered your baby is you're going to be doing a lot of things that kind of force you to hunch forward and are tough on your upper and lower back. This includes breastfeeding, changing on the change table, bathing your baby.

If you do your core exercises or use Pilates or yoga, it actually can make that whole process easier and alleviate some of the symptoms.

Presenter: Dr. Karen Nordahl, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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