What to Expect With a Newborn Baby

Dr. Barra O'Briain, MD, family physician, discusses care options after birth.

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Dr. Barra O'Briain, MD, family physician, discusses care options after birth.
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It's not uncommon to think of the labor and delivery as being the end.

But the ultimate event is in the parenthood and having a baby at home afterwards, and that's the beginning that happens at the same time.

And this is sometimes lost in the course of the prenatal care and it's important to remind and prepare for that transition long before the baby arrives. So a lot of the prenatal, a lot of the groundwork is done about the transition home from the hospital or postpartum in the prenatal time in the third trimester.

The first six weeks postpartum at home - sometimes longer, sometimes shorter - you and your partner often function on a 24-hour clock; the baby's feeding around the clock.

Sleep deprivation is the norm, not the exception, and it's important to realize that can really fray ones nerves and stretch even the soundest relationship. And, to be patient with yourself and be patient with your partner is probably the best advice I can give couples going home, or women going home with their newborn.

The first, women can expect in the first 24 hours of 48 hours in most communities, to have at least a phone call from a home care community based nurse, that will see how they're doing immediately at home with the baby. Usually if there's any concerns with regards to the baby's weight they would pop by the home to weigh the baby.

If you have questions with regards to how you're doing with the baby or how the baby's doing after you're home from the hospital after the birth, contact your healthcare provider that's either taking care of you during your pregnancy or who's been assigned to you postpartum in order to answer those questions.

Presenter: Dr. Barra O'Briain, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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