Postpartum Depression

Dr. Elise Balaisis, MD, discusses postpartum depression.

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Dr. Elise Balaisis, MD, discusses postpartum depression.
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Featuring Dr. Elise Balaisis, MD, FRCPC

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The symptoms of depression in pregnancy can be quite common and quite difficult to disentangle from that you normally can experience in pregnancy such as fatigue, sleeplessness and just a little bit more emotional; a bit more of an emotional roller coaster so some symptoms of depression are when the mood and the tearfulness becomes really low and much, much different than what you were experiencing before.

Sometimes it present as anxiety and just kind of overly worried overly concerned about other things. It can also have other changes where you're kind of having more somatic complaints, meaning physical complaints about all sorts of different things.

So they can be very different and not necessarily straightforward signals, but it's when things are getting to you; you're having more difficulty coping, maybe even having some relationship issues, feeling low all the time, having less energy, less motivation, less interest in doing things.

This is a time when if you're noticing this in yourself, you'd really want to go and talk to your maternity care provider or your physician in order to see if this is normal or if this is getting to the point where you need a little bit more support and a little bit more help. If you have any questions about depression in pregnancy, please contact your maternity care provider.

Presenter: Dr. Elise Balaisis, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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