Exercising Safely During Pregnancy - "Julie a 33-year-old women"

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Julie is a 33-year-old women who has recently discovered she is pregnant with her first child. Prior to conception, she was training for a half marathon, running 3 times a week with her running group and doing some strength training 1-2 times a week. Since her positive pregnancy test, Julie has stopped running and is unsure of what type of exercise is safe for her. She visits an exercise specialist for a consultation.

A discussion with the exercise specialist reveals that Julie has no medial diagnoses that need to be considered. Julie is currently 140 lbs - a 6-lb weight gain from her pre-pregnancy weight of 134 lbs. She is 14 weeks pregnant, and is just now beginning to feel better after she dealt with morning sickness during her first trimester. Julie has a history of repeated ankle sprains in her right ankle from her volleyball-playing days in high school and university, but is able to run distances with little pain. She does note some back stiffness since becoming pregnant.

The exercise specialist gives Julie a structured exercise program consisting of some cardio and strength exercises that is suited for her second trimester of pregnancy. He reviews the basics of exercising safely in her pregnancy, and gives her some tips to consider as her pregnancy progresses. The goal of the exercise program is to maintain Julie's fitness during her pregnancy.

Julie may wish to consult with an orthotics specialist to assess her need for orthotics, given her history of ankle injuries, a physiotherapist to assess her back pain, and could try prenatal yoga. Julie could visit her family doctor as well to ensure her pregnancy is being well managed, and a dietitian for prenatal nutrition advice. Finally, Julie could speak with her pharmacist about any medication she is currently taking, in order to determine the safety of over-the-counter medications while she is pregnant.


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Exercising Safely During Pregnancy - "Julie a 33-year-old women"

  • It seems like avoiding sports where there is risk of contact or falling would be good, but what about weight training? Should pregnant women stick to light weights, or how would the guidelines for each trimester differ?
    • I cannot believe that light weight training would be avoided during early pregnancy. Seems like old school..
    • Each individuals body is different, therefore a doctor should be consulted. I wanted to do light weights when I was pregnant but my doctor told me that I should not. I was told to walk and do stretching exercises instead.
  • My wife Chantal exercised throughout her pregnancy and it helped a lot with stress and sleeping. I think the bottom line is to keep moving as long as its ok with the doctor and there are no medical conditions that should stop it.
    • During my pregnancy I did a lot of walking and stretching, as okayed by my doctor. She told me this would help with the delivery of the baby. I followed her directions and had a great pregnancy and easier birth.
  • In my experience more and more women are choosing to continue to exercise during pregnancy. Its smart that she consulted an exercise specialist for advice
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