Considerations with Prenatal Yoga

Nicole Murcutt discusses considerations to take before prenatal yoga classes.

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Nicole Murcutt discusses considerations to take before prenatal yoga classes.
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Featuring Nicole Murcutt, RYI, Registered Yoga Instructor

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For prenatal, you definitely want to take it easier than you normally would in a regular yoga class.

But something like a gentle seated twist really can help alleviate certain ailments that are common in pregnancy. Such as backache, aiding with digestion once the baby starts taking up more room, even something like a nice side stretch can really increase your energy. And create space in your ribs for more breathing once the baby's taking up more room as well.

There's also several different breathing exercise that not only help while you're in the birthing process in labor but they can also help with nausea, indigestion and even headaches caused by pregnancy.

Things that pregnant women may need to take caution is if they have any preexisting conditions or if there are any conditions medically that their doctor has advised them that they shouldn't participate in physical activity, such as bed rest or maybe incompetent cervix.

We can definitely work yoga into any situation, so there's many modifications, many variations. Even if you're on bed rest you can still be moving your ankles and your toes, rolling your wrists, sort of help with the swelling. So there are many things that we can definitely work with. But you definitely want to inform your yoga teacher of any preexisting conditions. If someone wants to start, they should definitely speak to their doctor first and then they should be speaking to a yoga instructor who specializes in postnatal.

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Presenter: Ms. Nicole Murcutt, Yoga Instructor, Vancouver, BC

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