Pregnancy Yoga and Well-Being

Nicole Murcutt discusses the well-being benefits of prenatal yoga.

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Nicole Murcutt discusses the well-being benefits of prenatal yoga.
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Featuring Nicole Murcutt, RYI

Pregnancy Yoga and Well-Being Duration: 45 seconds

You can take time out of your day and really connect with your baby. There are many wonderful breathing and visualization exercises that really help this connection, and there's also different meditations that you can do that you'll learn in your class that you can even take home with you at night and regain that connection.

And a lot of these processes are really gonna help you; the breathing, the visualization to help with tension and pain during the birthing process as well. If anyone wants to know more about the well-being for prenatal yoga, they should speak to their certified prenatal yoga teacher.

Presenter: Ms. Nicole Murcutt, Yoga Instructor, Vancouver, BC

Local Practitioners: Yoga Instructor

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