Mr. Thomas Swales, Physiotherapist, Barrie, ON

Mr. Thomas Swales

Mr. Thomas Swales

Barrie, ON
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Tom Swales is a practising physiotherapist and strength coach with a particular focus on human movement. He is the founder and creator of Swales Performance Systems (SPS), which educates advanced knowledge of human movement. Toms work and ideas are at the forefront of fitness, conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Professional Status: Registered Physiotherapist Certified Athletic Trainer Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist CAFCI Certified Lecturer/ Author /Instructor Founder, Swales Performance Systems Certified MovNat Trainer Certified Kettlebell Instructor, RKC

Tom is also a business owner and a dedicated educator on a quest to spread the word about optimal human athletic performance.

Through his work, Tom has the vision to empower people and help them gain confidence in their potential and abilities. His whole body approach and empathetic character complement his extensive experience perfectly, allowing him to guide his clients through their issues and through the challenge of achieving the healthy bodies they deserve.

Tom teaches his approach to fellow professionals in the health and wellness industry, and has partnered with David Walton PT PhD Associate Professor at the School of Physical Therapy Western University Canada and James M Elliott, PT, PhD Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences Northwestern University, Chicago to offer workshops in movement foundations and whole body exercise therapy. Toms integrated knowledge across the fields of human movement, strength and performance has given him the foundation to create a user-friendly framework for assessment and prescription of exercise for all types of physical mobility impairments.

Tom also owns and operates Concept Movement, a Physiotherapy and Sports Performance Centre located in Barrie, Ontario. He has cultivated a highly skilled team of therapists and strength coaches whom integrate their knowledge of the way the human body responds to movement training, manual therapy and motor patterns into their daily treatment regimen. Tom’s social life is busy, filled with clinical work, speaking engagements, writing, self-enhancement and two young children. He is fortunate to have his wife Kylee, who manages home and business life for Tom.

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