Pain Management During Labour and Delivery

Dr. Nardia Strydom, MD, discusses Pain Management During Labour and Delivery

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Dr. Nardia Strydom, MD, discusses Pain Management During Labour and Delivery
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Video :Pain Management During Labour and Delivery
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So pain management in labor is probably the thing that women worry about and fear the most once they're happy that they're having a healthy baby, that's the next biggest thing for them.

There are many different ways of dealing with pain. Some people say that pain is in the eye of the beholder. And for some people pain can be positive, and it's part of achieving something, it's really working hard at something and reaching a goal, and they feel exhilarated by dealing with that and getting through it.

No woman in labor should suffer, and it's always hard to know when a woman reaches that point. Some people can be quiet and stoic and seem to be coping very well and somebody else might be screaming out loud.

And the most important thing is that differentiation between the pain and the suffering, and that might be very hard for you to figure out ahead of time, but one of the things you could do is to talk to your doctor or your midwife or your doula and find out how you would figure that out when the time comes when you're in labor.

Presenter: Dr. Nardia Strydom, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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