Caesarean Sections

Dr. Barra O' Briain, MD, discusses caesarean sections.

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Dr. Barra O' Briain, MD, discusses caesarean sections.
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Cesarean section is surgery, it's delivering the baby through surgery in the abdominal wall and cutting into the uterus and delivering the baby, as opposed to a vaginal birth, where the mom pushes the baby down through the pelvis and out the vagina.

There are many reasons for it, the reasons that involve either the health of the mom or the health of the baby, or other situations with regards to the placenta.

Just generally speaking some of the reasons why a woman would have a cesarean section aas opposed to a vaginal birth might involve something such as a placenta previa where the placenta is low and blocking the outlet of the uterus so there's no way that they'd be able to have a vaginal birth in that setting.

Sometimes it's the position of the baby, you know if the baby is breech or bum down and baby's big or it's their first time with a breech baby, a cesarean section might but not necessarily be the option ideal for the birth.

If there are concerns druing the labor about the health of the baby or the health of the mom, just generally speaking, that would make it safest for the mom to have the baby by cesarean versus vaginal birth is another reason to do this.

Cesarean section is a complex topic and the indications are vast and if you wish more detail on cesarean sections and your particular risk of having a cesarean section then talk to your healthcare provider that's taking care of you in the pregnancy.

Presenter: Dr. Barra O'Briain, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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