Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Family Doctor, Thornhill, ON

Dr. Jeffrey Brown

Dr. Jeffrey Brown

Family Doctor
Thornhill, ON
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Dr. Jeffrey Brown, M.D. has more than 15 years’ experience in the practice of anti-aging medicine and the use of bio-identical hormones. A frequent media contributor, Dr. Brown is a columnist for The National Post and a regular medical expert on the television program Diagnosis MD. He is a member of the Bariatric Society, the American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American Thyroid Society and the Natural Hormone Society.

Your Body Evolution was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Brown, M.D., following decades of work in a thriving Toronto-based family practice and the realization that most of his patients shared something in common: they were all overweight, faced significant health challenges and, no matter how hard they tried, were unable to win their battle with the bulge. After becoming frustrated by the lack of results his patients were experiencing on fad diets ranging from low-carb to cookie diets, he tapped years of advanced medical research and clinical experience to build a very different type of weight-loss system. Dr. Brown came to understand that the key to achieving lasting weight-loss results meant addressing patients’ distinct health issues.

Your Body Evolution Weight Loss Clinic analyzes patients’ individual body blueprints at the cellular level to highlight underlying challenges ranging from immune deficiencies and food sensitivities, to high blood pressure or diabetes and hormonal imbalances. That unique approach allows Dr. Brown and his team to develop a customized weight-loss plan for each patient. It’s the type of cutting-edge medical approach that empowers patients to shed weight, feel great and look years younger.

( Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Family Doctor, Thornhill, ON) is in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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( Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Family Doctor Thornhill, ON ), may talk about some of the conditions and some of the treatment options shown on the videos. Always talk with your  local Family Doctor about the information you learnt from the videos in regards to Gynecomastia treatments and procedures the local Family Doctor could  perform and if they would be appropriate for you. Remember good information from local Family Doctor is the corner stone to understanding What is Otosclerosis your condition or disease.

In dealing with male incontinence it's always important to talk to your family doctor and get a referral to a local urologist for solutions like contino  In conditons like sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes a person's breathing to stop during sleep. Patients with sleep apnea can stop breathing up to hundreds of times a night, depriving the brain and body of oxygen.

Your local family Physician often work with your local  orthopedic surgeons to help with sleketal issues and injuries. 

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