Breastfeeding & Nutrition Alternatives For Your Baby

Dr. Alison MacInnes, MD, FRCPC, discusses breastfeeding and nutrition alternatives.

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Dr. Alison MacInnes, MD, FRCPC, discusses breastfeeding and nutrition alternatives.
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Featuring Dr. Alison MacInnes, MD, FRCPC

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So, breastfeeding has a lot of advantages both for mother and baby.  

And most women who are motivated to breastfeed understand the importance of the nutritional value of breastfeeding, the mother baby bonding aspects of breastfeeding, the ease of breastfeeding, if it goes well. It’s a natural process. 

However, although breastfeeding is a natural process, it’s important for a lot of women to know that it doesn’t always come naturally. Breastfeeding takes a little while to establish. 

A lot of women become frustrated. The milk doesn’t come in for a few days, babies having trouble latching, they're exhausted, they're emotionally fragile. There are so many factors that can affect the new mom. 

So, for people that are having problems breastfeeding breast milk is the ultimate source of nutrition for most babies. However, if, for whatever reason, it’s taking a long time for breast milk to become established, or they just can’t breastfeed for a number of reasons then formulas are an excellent source of nutrition for babies.  

For women having trouble with breastfeeding, or have questions about breastfeeding alternatives, definitely speak with your healthcare provider.

Presenter: Dr. Alison MacInnes, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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