Drinking During Pregnancy

Dr. Karen Buhler, MD, discusses the effects of alcohol on pregnancy.

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Dr. Karen Buhler, MD, discusses the effects of alcohol on pregnancy.
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Featuring Dr. Karen Buhler, MD, CCFP

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Alcohol is one of the most harmful substances to take in pregnancy.

It has serious effects on the baby that can cause lifelong disability. For example, it affects vision, hearing, intelligence, emotional control, and overall ability to understand and learn new tasks.

Most health authorities recommend minimal to no alcohol in pregnancy. If you need help cutting down or quitting, you can join a support group, you can see your healthcare provider or you can look for resources online to help you. Other than the effects on the fetus, alcohol can affect your pregnancy by causing stillbirth, miscarriage or premature labor.

If you have questions about drinking alcohol during pregnancy, contact your care provider.

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Presenter: Dr. Karen Buhler, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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