Carolyn Barr, Pilates Instructor, Toronto, ON

Carolyn Barr

Carolyn Barr

Pilates Instructor
Toronto, ON
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Pilates Instructor/Studio Owner, The Pilates Barr Inc. Was introduced to Pilates in 2000 and started to understand the value of proper alignment and efficient muscle recruitment for maximum results. After taking Pilates mat classes for 2 years, she began taking privates sessions on the Pilates equipment (Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair). The equipment work and its profound results on her body are what started the wheels turning. In Fall of 2004 Carolyn left Bay St. to pursue her Pilates Mat and Equipment Certification through Body Harmonics, Toronto and PhysicalMind Institute, New York. Results oriented and a good communicator, teaching Pilates was a natural fit for Carolyn. Carolyn continues her Pilates practise and studies weekly, under the tutelage of Pilates Master Teacher, Susan Greskevitch. Continuing Education: 2015 – ELDOA Level 1/ Petra Baethmann 2015 – Pilates and Parkinson’s / Pilates and Multiple Sclerosis, Body Control Pilates Canada (Toronto) 2015 – Swimming Mechanics & Protocols – Body Harmonics 2014 – Nourish Your Knees – Realign,Restore and Revive the Knee Joint – Susan Greskevitch 2013 – Sacroiliac Joint: The Critical Link – Body Harmonics 2013 – Gait Analysis – Body Harmonics 2012 – Post Rehab Protocols: Intensive -: Shoulder Complex (Audit)- Body Harmonics 2011 – Anatomy of the body-in-motion – Head, neck, torso and movement – Dianne L. Woodruff, CMA, PhD 2011 – Concentration 201 Standing Pilates Apparatus – PhysicalMind Institute Canada, Susan Greskevitch 2009 – Moving Towards Balance: A Pilates Approach to Scoliosis – Susan Greskevitch and Chantal Dion 2009 – Equipment Rehabilitative Protocols: Spine – Body Harmonics 2009 – Equipment Rehabilitative Protocols: Lower Limb – Body Harmonics 2009 – Equipment Rehabilitative Protocols: Upper Limb – Body Harmonics 2008 – Foot and Ankle – Body Harmonics 2008 – Pilates for Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis – Body Harmonics 2008 – Perceiving Posture: Assessment Tools for Pilates Instructors – Susan Greskevitch 2007 – Moving Towards Balance: A Pilates Approach to Scoliosis – Susan Greskevitch and Chantal Dion 2007 – Pilates for Pregnancy – Body Harmonics 2006 – Pilates Style Conference, New York City Peak Pilates Power Chair Workshop – Clare Dunphy Healthy Shoulders – Kelly Kane Reformer and Small Apparatus – Christine Romani-Ruby MPT, ATC Postural Analysis and B.E.A.M Fundamental and Matwork – Jillian Hessel 2006 – Anatomy in Clay, Spine and Pelvis – Laura Allard 2005 – Pilates and Unstable Equipment – Body Harmonics 2005 – Anatomy in Clay, Pelvis Legs and Feet – Laura Allard 2005 – Pilates and the Pelvic Girdle – Body Harmonics 2005 – Pilates and Core Stabilization – Body Harmonics 2005 – Matwork Innovations 1 & 2 – Body Harmonics 2005 – Pilates with Therabands – Body Harmonics 2004 – Concentration 101 Pilates Equipment (Reformer, Cadillac and Chair) – PhysicalMind Institute/Body Harmonics 2004 – Initiation 101 Pilates Matwork – PhysicalMind Institute/Body Harmonics

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    Have been using Carolyn Barr for Pilates Instructor for close to three years and she has helped me increase my flexibility and range of motion in my hips. Cannot say enough good things about,Rate Carolyn Barr and would recommend if you are looking for a good Pilates Instructor in Toronto.
    Submitted: February 14, 2016

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