What Are Some Common Fertility Treatments?

Dr. Anthony Cheung, MBBS, MPH, FRCSC, fertility specialist, discusses common fertility treatments.

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Dr. Anthony Cheung, MBBS, MPH, FRCSC, fertility specialist, discusses common fertility treatments.
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Fertility treatment is directed at the underlying cause.  

If the treatment fails or there are no reasons for it the treatment eventually will be either intrauterine insemination, depending on the female factor, and/or with hormone injections to optimize the chance of conceiving and then finally, in vitro fertilization and its associated procedures. 

So IUI stands for intrauterine insemination that is, a procedure where you prepare the man’s sperm closer to the time when a woman’s about to ovulate and then put the sperm through a tiny little catheter in to the uterine cavity.

Gonadotropin injection would be used to stimulate a woman’s ovaries so that you can create more follicles and then trigger ovulation accordingly.  

But major side effect of this option of course, would be multiple pregnancies. And that particular method in fact, has been frowned upon. So that’s the reason why in vitro fertilization is more popular at this point to avoid multiple pregnancies. 

Because after stimulating the ovaries you actually retrieve the eggs, fertilize the eggs with the sperm, and then put the best one to two embryos back in to the woman’s uterus to minimize multiple pregnancies. But at the same time optimize the chance of conceiving. Sometimes the sperm are not perfect.  

You may have to do the additional procedure, what we call ICSI or pronounced ICSI which stands for intracytoplasmic sperm injection where you pick one sperm at a time, under the microscope, directly inject a single sperm in to a mature egg to optimize fertilization. 

For a couple who try to conceive the first thing to do is to see their family physician, have their situation reviewed and then if needed they can be referred to see a fertility specialist.

Presenter: Dr. Anthony Cheung, Fertility Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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