Birth Control and Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Tasha Bienert, MD, discusses Birth Control and Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

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Tasha Bienert, MD, discusses Birth Control and Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
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Featuring Dr. Tasha Bienert, MD
Video Title: Birth Control and Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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Birth control is an important topic for all women of reproductive years to discuss with their family physician. This is because 85 out of 100 women who have unprotected intercourse for one year will get pregnant.

So if you're not wanting to get pregnant, there are some options that can keep you safe in this regard. These include birth control pill, and this would still be our most common type of pregnancy prevention.

And there's are a variety of pills available today, and these aren't your mother's pills. The pills we use now are very low hormone doses and there's a variety of estrogen and progesterone you can choose from.

There are IUDs that are now available, and these are different than IUDs that we've typically used in the past, and you may wish to discuss this with your physician.

Finally, you still can get information regarding condom use, spermicidal jelly, diaphragms and other contraceptive choices from your family physician.

If taken regularly, birth control today is very effective. For example, the birth control pill provides protection against pregnancy in 99.9 percent of patients. This would be similar for condoms and spermicidal jelly as well as the IUD.

Remember though, if you also want to protect against other medical conditions like sexually transmitted diseases, condoms are still your number one choice.

Your family physician can also give you some info on how to protect yourself against a host of sexually transmitted diseases. so if you have any questions regarding birth control or sexually transmitted diseases, please make sure you book an appointment with your family physician.
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