What Causes Suicide in Men

John Oliffe, RN, MEd, PhD, discusses What Causes Suicide in Men.

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John Oliffe, RN, MEd, PhD, discusses What Causes Suicide in Men.
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There's a number of reasons for men's suicide rates being so high.

I think the severe depression is one of the pathways to suicide, and if we backtrack and think about men's help-seeking behaviors, oftentimes we'll find that men don't have a relationship with a physician or a family physician, or a doctor.

And so they are more likely to stay at home and think about the symptoms that are going on for them, to perhaps talk to a partner reluctantly about what's happening, and eventually seek help, so oftentimes it's quite late in the illness.

So men are so reluctant to seek help that suicide can emerge as a possible answer as a viable solution to the pain that can occur in depression, the physical, emotional and psychological pain that goes along with that.

Presenter: Dr. John Oliffe, Psychologist, Vancouver, BC

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Suicide in men is often precipitated by severe depression.


Suicide rates are typically higher in women than in men.


Men can often have poor help seeking behaviours and therefore receive help late in their illness.  Suicide is often a way that men can escape the psychological and emotional pain of depression.

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