Nutrition for Pre-Game Competition

Lauren K. Williams, M.S., Registered Dietitian, discusses nutrition for pre-game competition.

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Lauren K. Williams, M.S., Registered Dietitian, discusses nutrition for pre-game competition.
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The night before is extremely important when your looking to make sure you have enough energy for your competition.

So the night before look for a meal that includes complex carbohydrates with some lean protein and a little bit of healthy fat.

Some great examples I can give you would be some salmon with a baked potato, maybe put a little bit of some cottage cheese in there as well and some tomatoes. Don't forget your vegetables though so make sure that you have a side salad or some steamed vegetables with that.

The morning of, for those of you who have morning competitions it's really important to make sure that you get some nutrition in you before you begin. Even if you have a nervous stomach make sure you get up well in advance and consume your carbohydrate rich meal. Make sure that you consume your largest meal at least three to four hours in advance.

This will ensure again adequate digestion by the time of your competition. If you only have a few hours look for little bits of smaller meals so something that's a little bit lighter, so maybe some fruit and some yogurt, maybe a smoothie as well, making sure one to two hours before that you're topping off your energy stores with a smaller very light snack or meal.

This may just be something like a sports drinks or may just be a piece of friut like a banana, paired with a little bit of protein maybe a tablespoon of some nut butter. Hydration is key for your athletic performance, making sure that weeks in advance you're keeping yourself hydrated.

Day of the competition first thing you should do when you wake up is drink a large glass of water, making sure to keep that water bottle with you all day long so that you stay hydrated, mixing it on and off with sports drinks to ensure that your electrolyte values are at par by the time of your competition.

Sports drinks are key right before a performance and again, during performance as well. For more information to develop your pre-competition routine, contact your local sports nutritionist or registered dietitian who's an expert in sport performance.

Presenter: Ms. Lauren K. Williams, Registered Dietitian, Vancouver, BC

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