Meniscus Injuries

Behnad Honarbakhsh, MPT, BHK, CSCS, CAFCI, D.O.(c), discusses maniscus injuries in skiing.

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Behnad Honarbakhsh, MPT, BHK, CSCS, CAFCI, D.O.(c), discusses maniscus injuries in skiing.
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Featuring Behnad Honarbakhsh, MPT, BHK, CSCS, CAFCI, D.O.(c)

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Meniscus injuries are very common with all sorts of knee injuries, especially with ACL and MCL injuries.

The meniscus is sort of a wedge-like, rubber-like piece of tissue that sits between your femur and tibia. And usually with compression and twisting, you end up straining this tissue. It'll feel like there's something in your knee, or something's catching, and it could be quite painful, especially with weight bearing.

And in ice hockey again it can come from a contact to the outside of the leg, which you know, gets the lateral meniscus or the medial meniscus or if you catch your blade in the ice and like your upper body twists and your skate doesn't you can also strain the meniscus. So it has to be sort of a weight bearing and twisting motion that causes this injury.

The knee does tend to swell up if the injury is severe enough but sometimes you get a meniscus injury without any swelling.

You should get to a qualified physiotherapist as soon as you can for an assessment to determine first the severity and to make sure that it's not going to lead to other detrimental effects.

That's also when we want to start rehab right away to make sure any predisposing factors that got you there are taken care of and also we return you back to good stability, strength and balance in your extremity.

Presenter: Mr. Behnad Honarbakhsh, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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