Hand Pain and Numbness in Conjunction with Cycling

Tyler Dumont, physiotherapist, discusses bike setup and hand pain/numbness.

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Tyler Dumont, physiotherapist, discusses bike setup and hand pain/numbness.
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Featuring Tyler Dumont, BPE, BScPT, MSc

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Neck pain and discomfort can be a significant issue for cyclists, especially for tri-athletes that are in that low aero position.

There's a lot of extra strain on those neck muscles and joints as they're trying to sustain that position for hours on end. So the bike has to be set up right or else there is extra stress in that area.

If the bike's not set up correctly what we might see this is the back of the head, here's the neck and upper back. What we tend to see is a head forward or chin poke position, that can cause a lot of compression and shear through the mid part of the cervical spine.

The upper neck muscles here at the back of the head can get really tight and contribute to neck pain or headaches. And also, this part of the thoracic spine, the muscles are working really hard to hold the weight of that head and can get fatigued or sore. So the bike fit has to be adjusted so we can take stress off of those areas.

With regard to the lower back position, we want to aim for neutral. We don't want to have an overextended lower back or an overflexed or rounded back. We're trying to get relatively neutral so there's less stress on those joints and those muscles so the rider can maintain a nice stable pelvis while riding.

If you have questions about your bike position and you're experiencing neck pain or back pain, have someone do a bike fit on u you could see a cerified bike fitter or a physiotherapist that does bike fits.

Presenter: Mr. Tyler Dumont, Physiotherapist, Surrey, BC

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