Cycling Shoe Adjustment Accessories

Tyler Dumont, Physiotherapist, discusses cycling shoe adjustment accessories.

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Tyler Dumont, Physiotherapist, discusses cycling shoe adjustment accessories.
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Featuring Tyler Dumont, BPE, BScPT, MSc

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I think most people are aware that orthotics will help correct foot position, but there are some other options that you can actually modify the shoe and the cleat as well, to sort of alter the foot position.

So, one example within the shoe is you can put in a wedge device that will tip the foot side to side, depending on what you want to correct. Or, between the actual cleat and the shoe there’s a wedge device that we can stack, and tip the foot in either direction to correct the foot mechanics.

So, this one is one you can put within the shoe. It’s thicker on one side and thinner on the other, and it will allow us to tip the forefoot within the shoe. Or, we can use this type of wedge between the cleat and the shoe, which will tip in one way or the other.

And this is a third example of one that will help tip the shoe. So, they’ll fit between the cleat and the shoe, and you can see on here, there’s two on this side. And you might be able to see from this perspective that it’s higher on this side and lower on that side. So, these can be used either alone with the shoe, or we can use it in combination with orthotics to get the desired position of the foot.

To get the right shoe and right position you have to see either a certified bike fitter, or a physiotherapist that does bike fits. They’ll help assess you and get you in the right position.

Presenter: Mr. Tyler Dumont, Physiotherapist, Surrey, BC

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