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Shoulder dislocation management


We generally think that patients that are under 25 who suffer a first-time dislocation are at a relatively high risk of recurrent dislocations, upwards of 85 percent or more.


You need to seek medical attention after your first dislocation, either with your family doctor, a physiotherapist, or, primarily, an orthopedic surgeon because the main treatment, if you develop recurrent dislocations, is surgical reconstruction of the damaged tissues in the shoulder joint.


With a first time dislocation, it is not necessary to get an X-ray done.


If a person suffers a shoulder dislocation on the field during play, the best case scenario is if a trainer or coach can put the should back in place before going to the hospital.


If you suffered a first-time shoulder dislocation or have recurrent dislocations of your shoulder, you should rehabilitate with a physiotherapist, seek the advice of your family physician, and get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon

Shoulder injuries can be caused by sports that involve excessive and repetitive motion, such as tennis and golf, or everyday activities such as gardening. Common shoulder injuries include impingement, instability and rotator cuff injuries, and treatment ranges from exercise to surgery.

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