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Dr. Adam Lund

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New Westminster, BC
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Adam Lund is a practicing emergency physician and emergency medicine researcher in BC’s Fraser Health Authority, as well as the head of the UBC Department of Emergency Medicine’s Mass Gathering Medicine Interest Group (http://mgm.med.ubc.ca).

Adam grew up in Vancouver, BC, and completed both a BSc in biology and medical school at UBC. Through a long-standing interest in first aid, lifeguarding, and pre-hospital care, a residency in Emergency Medicine (EM) was a natural fit, and he completed the FRCPC program in EM at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton. During that time, he began a Masters Degree in Distance and Adult Education through Athabasca University, which he completed in 2006.

Following residency in 2003, Adam and his family returned to BC and he joined the team at Royal Columbian and Eagle Ridge Hospitals. He has also worked as an emergency physician at BC Children’s Hospital, and provided coverage at Vancouver General Hospital’s Emergency Department in a locum capacity.

Adam has always been drawn to unique practice environments, and has continued to pursue this as a physician on the Disney Cruise Line, as well as on the mountains as a volunteer MD ski and bike patroller at Whistler/Blackcomb.

His involvement in mass gatherings and community special events took root at the young age of eleven in the early ‘80’s through the St. John Ambulance brigade. By his mid-teens, he had drifted into aquatics and lifeguarding, where many of his mentors in BC Ambulance found their roots. With enrichment through Industrial First Aid level 3 (now OFA 3), there were many opportunities to volunteer and work at special events, concerts, races, and the like. This interest continued through medical school and residency, where he remained involved with the medical committees on music festivals, organized runs and triathlons.

Since 2003, Adam’s experience with mass gatherings has grown, and he has worked as an event physician or medical director at most of the large mass gatherings in the Lower Mainland. In 2008, in order to promote a stronger academic foundation for mass gathering medicine (MGM), the MGM Interest Group was founded. In early 2009, Adam took on the Academic Director role for the Royal Columbian Hospital’s Emergency group, and has made MGM one of the pillars of the research program. Hospital-based research projects have also been emphasized (see www.rchemerg.com). Since 2009, the MGM Interest Group has flourished, with activity in research, education, clinical guidelines and public health advocacy.

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Recent Health Talks Authored by Dr. Adam Lund

  • Wound Treatment in School-Age Children " Jaxon is a 13-year-old male who has had swelling to his right hand "

    Jaxon is a 13-year-old male who has had swelling to his right hand at the second and third knuckles over the last three days. He has small cuts over each, and yellow drainage from one of the wounds. He cannot fully close his fist due to the pain and swelling. His mother noticed just that morning when Jaxon had trouble closing his backpack before school, and when she questioned him, Jaxon reports that he tripped at school and 'fell on his fist'.

    Jaxon should be seen by his primary care provider, and/or the emergency department. It is unusual to fall on a closed fit, so his mother and the adults caring for him should wonder about the truth of how Jaxon's injury was sustained. Injuries over the knuckles should always raise suspicion for a punch-related mechanism. Cuts over the knuckles due to contact with someone else's mouth are commonly referred to as a 'fight bite', and carry the same risks of secondary infection as a bite wound. Further, injury to the tendons and contamination of the joint or bones is a consideration. A fracture in the bones of the hands should be excluded as well.

    Jaxon is also a minor, and if he has been in a fight, consideration of him being bullied, or being a bully, should be explored. Other injuries should be considered, as he may not be forthcoming about where he is hurt. Jaxon may benefit from excellent wound care, antibiotics, splinting/bracing and hand physiotherapy. He may also require some social and mental health support, including interventions at the school level.

  • Treatment and Management of Cat Bites " Gabby is a 27-year-old legal secretary who's cat "

    Gabby is a 27-year-old legal secretary who's cat came home smelling of rotten fish. She attempted to bathe the cat, and it "freaked out on her", scratching Gabby's cheek, forearms, and biting her on the base of her left (dominant) thumb. She cleaned up the wounds as carefully as she could, but 12 hours later, the base of her thumb has puffed up to double the normal size, is very painful, and she is noticing some pink lines running up her left forearm towards her elbow.

    Cat bites, unlike dog bites, get infected more often than not (~80% of the time). Furthermore, cat scratches behave a lot like cat bites, as cats groom themselves with their tongues, so the same bacteria that infect bites may infect scratches.

    Gabby needs to see her primary care provider, and would likely benefit from a trip to the emergency department. Even if she had been seen earlier in the day, before her thumb became swollen, her primary care provider would likely have her stay on antibiotics due to the high probability of infection. At this point, she likely has a type of infection called cellulitis, and the red streaks on her arm are called ascending lymphangitis. This type of infection will often be treated not just with pills, but sometimes with a few days of intravenous antibiotics. Untreated cellulitis can be very serious, and even life-threatening.

  • Treatment and Management of Dog Bites " Jianguo is a 33-year-old entrepreneur "

    Jianguo is a 33-year-old entrepreneur who provides home maintenance services, such as gutter cleaning, power-washing, and window cleaning. He was working on a job at a new client's home, and the homeowner let her dog out into the yard, forgetting that Jianguo was there. While stepping down from his ladder, Jianguo was bitten by the dog on his right calf.

    Jianguo was brought to the emergency department by his client, despite Jianguo insisting that his injury was "nothing". He had two small puncture wounds and one small tear in his skin. The emergency physician ensured that there was no injury to the underlying tendons, blood vessels and nerves. The doctor also ruled out any foreign material in the wounds. Jianguo's right calf was frozen with local anesthetic, irrigated and covered with a bandage. The wounds were small, and suturing (stitching) was discussed. Jianguo elected not to have sutures, as he felt the infection risk would be higher if the wound was closed.

    Dog bites will sometimes (~20% of the time) become infected, but with good local wound care, they often heal well on their own. Jianguo will benefit from having the wound followed by his primary care provider. He will also need to get some wound care supplies, and may benefit from a topical antibiotic or wound care ointment from his local pharmacy or medical supply store.

    More severe wounds may require evaluation and care by surgical specialists. Some larger dogs have very powerful bites, and may cause more significant soft tissue damage, and damage to more important underlying structures.

    Rabies is a common question that people with animal bites ask about. Rabies is uncommon in North America, but review of immunization history of the patient and the animal (if known) is an important consideration in bite wounds.

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