What is Pink Eye

Dr. Duncan Miller, B. Sc, MD, discusses What is Pink Eye.

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Dr. Duncan Miller, B. Sc, MD, discusses What is Pink Eye.
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Featuring Dr. Duncan Miller, BSc, MD
What is Pink Eye
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Treatment of viral conjunctivitis is really just a matter of time; just like a common cold lasts five to seven days, pink eye or viral conjunctivitis lasts about the same amount of time.

A lot of people want to use drops or antibiotic drops to treat their viral infection, and the concern with that is that a lot of the drops have preservatives or other agents in them, which can, in fact, irritate your eye and make your pink or red eye last longer.

So, it's much better just to use expectant treatment – maybe warm or cold compresses with a clean cloth on your eye – and good handwashing so you don't spread it to other members of your family.

Remember that treatment for this condition varies not only with the patient but their individual condition, so always consult your local healthcare provider.

Presenter: Dr. Duncan Miller, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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