Pink Eye Treatment

Dr. Duncan Miller, B. Sc, MD, discusses pink eye treatment.

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Dr. Duncan Miller, B. Sc, MD, discusses pink eye treatment.
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Featuring Dr. Duncan Miller, BSc, MD

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A lot of patients come in complaining that they may have pink eye. In general, pink eye refers to a viral infection of the conjuctiva.

Now, your conjunctiva is the mucus membrane that covers the surface of your eye, right up to your iris or your cornea there, and it can get inflamed for a number of reasons.

True viral conjunctivitis generally happens in the context of a cold or upper respiratory infection, and you may have, you know, cough, sniffles, sore throat, and then, one or both eyes may be watery. When you wake up in the morning, you may have a bit of crusting, but generally, that clears up, and then, your eye will be a bit red and watering throughout the day.

A bacterial conjunctivitis tends to be a lot more goopy, and in fact, can be called "glue eye". So, not only is your eye stuck shut in the morning, but you have either a yellow-y, or green, or white discharge coming out of your one or both eyes throughout the day. Whereas viral conjunctivitis doesn't need an antibiotic, bacterial conjunctivitis is benefited by getting a topical antibiotic.

Some major warning signs that should prompt you to seek medical attention right away if you have a red eye are pain in your eye, a decrease in your vision, a foreign body sensation, or if you're a contact lens-wearer, you should really seek either your family doctor or your primary eye care provider promptly.

If you have any questions at all about pink eye or red eye, please, contact your primary healthcare provider.

Remember that treatment for this condition varies not only with the patient but their individual condition, so always consult your local healthcare provider.

Presenter: Dr. Duncan Miller, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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Pink eye is another name for a viral or bacterial infection of the conjunctiva of the eye.


Pink eye is often associated with having a cold or upper respiratory infection.


It is only bacterial conjunctivitis that requires a topical antibiotic.

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