Symptoms of Cycling Saddle Sores

Larissa Roux, MD FRCP Dip Sport Med, MPH, PhD, discusses saddle sores in cycling.

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Larissa Roux, MD FRCP Dip Sport Med, MPH, PhD, discusses saddle sores in cycling.
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Featuring Dr. Larissa Roux, MD, MPH, PhD, CCFP, Dip Sport Med

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Saddle sores is a catch-all phrase for a set of common skin disorders that occur as a result of the skin of the perineum or lower buttocks being in contact with the bicycle seat over prolonged periods of time.

It can be aggravated by things such as too high a bicycle seat as well as wearing the wrong kind of bicycle shorts.

Typically, synptoms can include pain over the sitz bones, or the ischial tuberosities, chafing of the inner thigns as they rub against the seat, irritation to hair follicles and infection of the hair follicle or folliculitis as well as skin ulceration.

Treatment for saddle sores includes keeping skin clean and dry. If the skin is ulcerated, using a barrier cream that can be found at your local pharmacy would be important, as well loose and airy clothing can be helpful.

And if these lesions do not resolve with these treatment regimens, or they seem to be worsening, or an athlete appears to be experiencing fever at the same time, it is important that they seek medical advice from their primary care physician.

Cyclists should consider consulting their local bike specialist regarding seat height or any other adjustments that might be necessary as well as type of seat and clothing options when facing this type of condition.

Should they have any med questions or concerns, they should feel free to contact their local family physician or primary care sports medicine physician.

Presenter: Dr. Larissa Roux, Sports Medicine Physician, Vancouver, BC

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