Pre-Existing Conditions & Pregnancy

Dr. Elise Balaisis, MD, discusses pre-existing conditions and pregnancy.

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Dr. Elise Balaisis, MD, discusses pre-existing conditions and pregnancy.
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Featuring Dr. Elise Balaisis, MD, FRCPC

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Every woman who has a pre-existing medical condition should definitely bring that forward to their care provider or physician as early as possible.

If possible, before even getting pregnant, and if you're already pregnant, then it's as early as you can in pregnancy. There are many different medical conditions, and they can have effects on the pregnancy and they can require different monitoring during the pregnancy, and the pregnancy can also cause changes in the medical condition, and these both need to be monitored so if you have any medical conditions, definitely discuss this with your care provider as early as possible.

So high blood pressure is actually a quite common medical condition that both is affected by the pregnancy and the pregnancy can further change the blood pressure so it's an important measure to monitor and to continue to follow up with your physician about.

The high blood pressure can affect the placental; the transport across the placenta, and therefore can have impacts on the baby and so it is important to have more frequent visits and have different monitoring during the pregnancy as a result of this pre-existing medical condition.

Presenter: Dr. Elise Balaisis, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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