Good Nutrition for Osteoporosis

Sarah Ware, BSc (Hons), RD, CDE, discusses Good Nutrition for Osteoporosis.

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Sarah Ware, BSc (Hons), RD, CDE, discusses Good Nutrition for Osteoporosis.
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Featuring Sarah Ware, BSc (Hons), RD, CDE

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For those at risk for osteoporosis, nutrition is extremely important for bone health.

There are three micronutrients that you'd want to pay attention to: calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Calcium is a mineral that is found largely in dairy products such as fluid milk, yogurt and cheese, and you can also find it in a variety of vegetables such as broccoli.

Magnesium is also found in dairy products, and in things like nuts and leafy green vegetables like kale or spinach.

Vitamin D is probably the most important micronutrient of the three when it comes to bone health. Recent recommendations suggest that you take at least 1,000 international units or IUs per day for adequate blood levels to maintain healthy bones.

If you have more questions about how nutrition can help your bone health, talk to your local dietitian or medical professional.

Presenter: Ms. Sarah Ware, Registered Dietitian, North Vancouver, BC

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