Laser Eye Surgery

Dr. David Mitchell, OD, discusses laser eye surgery.

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Dr. David Mitchell, OD, discusses laser eye surgery.
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Dr. David Mitchell, OD

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Laser surgery is a way of trying to correct either your nearsightedness, your farsightedness or if you have astigmatism, to correct the astigmatism by using a laser.

It is not meant for everybody but your optometrist is the first person you can consult with in regards to that, and he will meausre the refractive status of your eye, he can check to see that your eye is healthy for it and then he is able to refer you to a good refractive surgeon to have the procedure done.

Follow up is done by the optometrist and it generally will cover about a year's time. It will also make sure that the surgery goes well, that the eye heals properly and the vision is what we expect it to be.

Presenter: Dr. David Mitchell, Optometrist, Vancouver, BC

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