How is Depression and Erectile Dysfunction Related

Dr. Stacy Elliott, MD, discusses depression & erectile dysfunction.

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Dr. Stacy Elliott, MD, discusses depression & erectile dysfunction.
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Men who have depression will likely have sexual problems.

The reason for this is that the depression tends to cause a generalized loss of sexual interest. It can affect your erections either in the morning, with self-stimulation, or with a partner.

It shouldn’t affect your ejaculation per se; however medications used for depression can affect both, your sexual drive or libido, may affect your erections, and may delay the orgasm. If you’re seeing your physician regarding your diabetes, be sure to ask him about your sexual function.

There’s many things that can be done to help you improve your sexual dysfunction whether you’re depressed, even coming out of your depression, or to counteract the effect of depression medications.

Presenter: Dr. Stacy Elliott, Psychiatrist, Vancouver, BC

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If you are a diabetic it is important to discuss any issues regarding sexual dysfunction with your physician.


If a man suffers from depression it would have little to do with any sexual dysfunction.


If a man is taking medication for depression it can effect his libido, sexual drive, his ability to have an erection and achieve orgasm.

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