Cardiac Recovery with Strength Training

Min Naruki-van Velzen, MSc, discusses strength training after a cardiac event.

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Min Naruki-van Velzen, MSc, discusses strength training after a cardiac event.
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Featuring Min Naruki-van Velzen, MSc, Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist, Athletic Therapist

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Strength training is really helpful after you've had a heart event, but there are some safety things that you have to be a little bit cautious of.

But rest assured eventually you will be able to get back to a strengthening program and to be able to be lifting heavier things. Perhaps initially it's best to wait until you consult with an exercise specialist about what would be an approropieate program for you to follow.

But it really does help out with the recovery process in terms of gaining back functional strength and improving many health outcomes.

And people are often surprised to know that lifting weights and doing strengthening activities is completely safe and it might involve all kinds of activities in your community. Things like kayaking, or perhaps Pilates, yoga, joining a group fitness class.

And believe it or not, for some people even something like a boot camp might be helpful for them. But really the important thing to do is first get some direction in terms of what is safe and suitable for you from your cardiac exercise specialist or at least your general practitioner.

One way that strength training helps you that doesn't get talked about as much is it really improves metabolism and particularly your sensitivity to insulin. And if you're diabetic or pre-diabetic it really helps to control blood sugar.

Strength training can also help with osteoarthritis if done properly, it helps out with osteoporosis, and in general it raises your metabolic rate which may assist again with some weight management.

If you're interested in strength training you'll get further information in a cardiac rehab program, if you're interested in cardiac rehab, talk to your family doctor or cardiologist about being referred.

Presenter: Mr. Min Naruki-van Velzen, Athletic Therapist, Vancouver, BC

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