What is Brachioplasty

Dr Nancy Van Laeken MD, FRCSC, Plastic Surgeon discusses What is Brachioplasty.

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Dr Nancy Van Laeken MD, FRCSC, Plastic Surgeon discusses What is Brachioplasty.
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What is Brachioplasty
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Brachioplasty is an operation that is done to remove the extra skin that patients might have on the inner aspect of their arms.

It is also known as a batwing deformity because of the way the skin hangs beneath the arms. It is usually associated with significant weight loss and is offered to patients when they have a stable weight.

The operation takes about an hour and a half. It is important to note that there is a fairly significant scar extending from the axilla down to the elbow. Therefore, the patient should be made aware of that and give consideration to having that scar permanently.

The advantage of not having the extra skin means that the patient is more comfortable exercising and it completely changes the type of clothing that they can wear. This is taken in conjunction with the fact that there will be a scar.

There are two different locations for the scar. One is along the inner aspect of the arm and the other is isolated to the axilla. If the patient is interested in considering that operation they should be referred to a surgeon who performs it so that they can be made aware of what type of procedure is best for them and subsequently the recovery and the need to be a scar that they might have.

If the patient thinks that they are an appropriate candidate to undergo this operation, they should ask for a referral from their family physician to a surgeon who performs the procedure.

Presenter: Dr. Nancy Van Laeken, Plastic Surgeon, Vancouver, BC

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