Activity Plan for Heart Failure Patients

Pamela Luehr, BSN, CCNC, Cardiovascular Nurse, discusses activity plans for heart failure patients.

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Pamela Luehr, BSN, CCNC, Cardiovascular Nurse, discusses activity plans for heart failure patients.
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Featuring Pamela Luehr, BSN, CCNC, Cardiovascular Nurse

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So there’s several things that you can do to help live a healthier life with heart failure.  

So number one is you can start watching the salt in your diet. So it’s really important to know how to read labels. So talking to a dietitian is really important. 

We recommend that you have a diet of less than 2,000 milligrams of salt a day. That’s a really low sodium diet. Most of us have between four and five thousand milligrams of sodium in our diet. 

So what’s interesting is that, you know, most people are concerned about the salt shaker on the table and that’s not actually the biggest source of sodium. Over 70 percent of it is found hidden in processed foods. 

So we recommend for heart failure patients that they follow a diet of less than 2,000 milligrams a day. It prevents the fluid retention and that is, you know, when you have too much salt in the diet, you have fluid that builds up in your feet, your legs, and your belly. Sometimes it gets into the lungs and it makes it difficult to breathe. 

Being active is a really important part of caring for yourself as a heart failure patient. First of all, it makes you feel better mentally, feel better physically, you sleep better, you’re less breathless. All those are really important when it comes to caring for yourself as a health failure patient. 

It’s important that you talk to your family physician about an activity plan suited for you. We really encourage you to connect with your local cardiac rehab program as they can provide an exercise prescription that will help you live well with heart failure.

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Presenter: Ms. Pamela Luehr, Nurse, Kelowna, BC

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