The Benefits of Sports Psychology

Dr. Kate Hays, Ph.D, C.Psych, Clinical Sports Psychologist, discusses the benefits of sports psychology for all types of athletes.

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Dr. Kate Hays, Ph.D, C.Psych, Clinical Sports Psychologist, discusses the benefits of sports psychology for all types of athletes.
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Featuring Dr. Kate Hays, PhD, C. Psych, Clinical Sports Psychologist Video Title:The Benefits of Sports Psychology Duration: 2 minutes, 25 seconds

Sports psychology is actually a really important part of people’s recovery from injury. And that’s because it’s not just your body that has gotten wounded, but it’s also your sense of self.

And particularly if you’re used to being physically active, if you’re involved in a sports team, then there are a whole bunch of effects that happen that aren’t really great with injury.

You’ve lost some of your supports, your sense of your self has changed, you’re concerned about letting the team down. There are just a whole bunch of aspects that have to do with your mental state as well as your physical recovery.

Well a sports psychologist can actually can help a person if they’re injured review what happened and just talk about it. Sometimes just talking about what happened, how you felt, what your concerns are, all of these pieces are really useful.

And then additionally there may be some techniques that can help you. For example, there’s good research that having a chance to imagine, to image, to visualize your sport, to visualize your recovery process, can really speed the physical process of recovery as well.

Learning how to calm yourself down when you’re feeling really tense of stressed that’s a skill that’s so useful whether you’re injured or just in everyday life. There are a variety of techniques for learning how to breathe properly, how to manage your stress and all those can really help with injury recovery.

If you’ve had an injury and you’re wanting some assistance on recovering, certainly having the physical and the medical aspect is tremendously important. Also it’s really useful to speak with a psychologist or a sports psychologist so that you can - your entire body can recover and perhaps even thrive, even do better than you had before.

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