Are there Multiple Ways to Take Insulin?

Richard Bebb, MD, ABIM, FRCPC, discusses the ways you can take insulin.

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Richard Bebb, MD, ABIM, FRCPC, discusses the ways you can take insulin.
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Featuring Dr. Richard Bebb, MD, ABIM, FRCPC

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There are generally three main ways to take insulin.

The first would be premixed insulin, where the product has already been mixed, perhaps short- and intermediate-acting insulins in the same vial; inject twice a day, usually breakfast and supper.

Another common way of doing it is to take a long-acting insulin once a day, often at bedtime, and still take your diabetes pills at mealtimes. And the third way, and perhaps the best for most people but the most work, is what's called multiple daily injections, which would generally be one shot of long-acting insulin and then a short-acting shot at each meal.

It's more work, but has a lot of benefit in terms of good control and flexibility of lifestyle. It's important to discuss your particular situation with your pharmacist or health care provider in terms of how it impacts your health and may have an impact on other medications that you're taking.

Presenter: Dr. Richard Bebb, Endocrinologist, Victoria, BC

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