Mens and Womens Colon Cancer

Dr. Duncan Miller, B. Sc, MD, discusses colon cancer.

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Dr. Duncan Miller, B. Sc, MD, discusses colon cancer.
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Featuring Dr. Duncan Miller, BSc, MD

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Colon cancer is a very common type of cancer – cancer being just an abnormal growth in the lining of the bowel itself.

It starts off as a polyp or just a small little blob, and over time, becomes a progressively more serious illness. A lot of people know about prostate cancer and breast cancer, but colon cancer is actually the third most common cancer we're likely to develop over time.

If there's a positive aspect at all to cancer, the one thing about colon cancer is there's a huge window of opportunity to not only prevent it, but also screen for it, and therefore, get it in time. Things you can do to reduce your risk of colon cancer are maintain an optimal weight, exercise regularly, don't smoke, drink alcohol only in moderation, and try to limit your amount of red meat.

Just remember that treatment for your condition will vary with the individual and the condition they may have, so always consult your primary healthcare provider for more information.

Presenter: Dr. Duncan Miller, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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