The Value of Biosimilar Infliximab in IBD

Dr. Brian Bressler, MD, MPh, FRCPC, Gastroenterologist, discusses the value of biosimilar Infliximab in IBD.

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Dr. Brian Bressler, MD, MPh, FRCPC, Gastroenterologist, discusses the value of biosimilar Infliximab in IBD.
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Dr. Brian Bressler, MD, MPh, FRCPC, Gastroenterologist

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As a patient with inflammatory bowel disease, you may already be having discussions with your gastroenterologist or other allied health care professionals regarding this new opportunity, that being the biosimilar version of infliximab.

If given the opportunity to be on the biosimilar version of infliximab, the expectation or the benefit to you would be two: one - and most importantly, it would be that the likelihood of success, the likelihood of this drug working, would be similar to whether you’re on the original version of infliximab. And furthermore the safety of this drug would be similar to if you’re on the original version of infliximab.

But then another benefit that one should potentially consider is the cost of this medication, and for certain patients that is a big deal, that this drug is coming out at a much-reduced cost, to the original infliximab cost, and whether that may impact your insurance premiums or other aspects of the care of your health, may be something that could be a very important issue for you to consider.

An important consideration when understanding whether indeed the biosimilar version of infliximab should be an opportunity that you would endorse or you would use, is the amount of science that has gone behind the approval that Health Canada has given this biosimilar version of infliximab to be used in the same way as the original version.

This concept is new, and because of that I would strongly consider you going to speak to your gastroenterologist really to learn more about this opportunity.

Presenter: Dr. Brian Bressler, Gastroenterologist, Vancouver, BC

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The Benefits of Biosimilars


Rigorous clinical trials have shown that the Infliximab biosimilar is as safe and as effective as the original Infliximab biologic.


Biosimilars are required to pass strict Health Canada and FDA regulations on safety and efficacy before entering the market.


Another benefit of the Infliximab biosimilar is it's reduced cost to patients and the Canadian health care system.

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