Cycling Safety Accessories & Clothing

Paul Dragan discusses Cycling Safety Accessories & Clothing.

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Paul Dragan discusses Cycling Safety Accessories & Clothing.
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Featuring Paul Dragan, Cycling Equipment Specialist

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Many people ask me what are the accessories you should have on your bike so that you're safe and legal. It's really quite simple. 

You need a bell on your bicycle that functions, so that people know when you're coming up from behind on them. For riding any time after dusk of before dawn, just like an automobile, you must have a white front light and a red light. Not a reflector, but a light. Think of your car again, it must have functioning lights, same with the bicycle. The white light should be bright. It can flash like this one or it can be solid. The red one on the rear – you can argue it's a little more important because you can’t see what's coming at you from behind.

On my own bike, over the years, I’ve gone from just a single reflector, to a light, to now I have two rear lights on my bike, and a safety triangle. I have two lights on the front of my bike, a flashing one and a solid one. And I've even gone as far as to put a flashing light on my dog when he rides home at night with me. You can’t be too visible. And that’s the issue when you're cycling at night. 

It's that the automobile traffic has so many other things going, that you need to stick out a little bit like a sore thumb. Remember, more is better than less.

Presenter: Mr. Paul Dragan, Bracing & Equipment Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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