Achilles Tendonitis - Badminton

Carl Petersen, BPE, BScPT, talks about badminton and achilles tendonitis.

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Carl Petersen, BPE, BScPT, talks about badminton and achilles tendonitis.
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Featuring Carl Petersen, BPE, BScPT

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In badminton, Achilles tendonitis of the heel can occur with pushing off for the different strokes, but also with the quick stops and starts that they need to make.

Achilles tendonitis is pain felt in the region of the heel at the back of the foot. If we look at a foot model, the Achilles tendon runs from the calf muscle up here, and attaches down to the calcaneus, or the heel.

Pain can often be felt either at the region of the heel or anywhere up the tendon itself. In helping deal with Achilles tendonitis problems, we want to decrease the inflammation that we’re getting in the area, so utilizing a variety of different physiotherapy techniques can help.

But we also want to get rid of some of the tension on the calf muscles, so doing stretching, doing self-massage or rolling on a ball can help to decrease the tension and pull on that tendon.

It’s a good idea to see your physiotherapist, because they can help prescribe exercises which will help improve the problems associated with this tendon, which can often be long-lasting.

Presenter: Mr. Carl Petersen, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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