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Dr. Manfred Ziesmann

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Dr. Ziesmann of the downtown Canwest Global Place (formerly T.D.Centre) health clinic, commented on the clinic's acquisition of several new machines that provide non-invasive cosmetic techniques for various conditions affecting both genders.

One such machine that is unique to Winnipeg is the clinic's VISIA machine. "It's an instrument used for complexion analysis," explains Dr. Ziesmann. "This is the first stop for anyone considering any of our treatments, VISIA takes a picture of your face and also produces a UV photo that shows the effects or sun damage. Then we compare your photo to 1,000 people your age to determine just where you fit in. It's a starting point for considering corrective treatment such as Botox, laser or Restylane. It also serves as a baseline that allows you to see how your skin has improved after a series of treatments and gives the client, some objective feedback when we take another picture three months later."

The Blu U light machine is another non-invasive marvel especially in the treatment of acne, both teenage and middle-age varieties, rosacea, large pores and everyone's common complaint, brown spots due to sun damage. The treatment itself is more of a relaxing time-out and simply require the client sit under the Blu U light for a half hour twice a week for about four weeks. "People are pleasantly surprised by how effective the results are within a short time." said Dr. Ziesmann. This can be expedited by using ALA, a topical cream applied before treatment.

The clinic also features the latest model of the Cutera laser machine that is effective with hair removal and varicose veins.

As for cosmetic surgery being only for women, 'that simply doesn't reflect what we see here," said Dr. Ziesmann. "Everyone is taking better care of themselves these days, spending time in the gym and so forth, so it's for anyone who simply wants to look their very best."

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