What are Insulin Pumps

Cecilia Hamming, RN, BA., Medtronic CPT, discusses What are Insulin Pumps.

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Cecilia Hamming, RN, BA., Medtronic CPT, discusses What are Insulin Pumps.
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Featuring Cecilia Hamming, RN, BA, Medtronic CPT
Video Title: What are Insulin Pumps
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An insulin pump is a medical device that's used to deliver insulin just below your skin into your fatty tissue.

It works by infusing a basal insulin on a continuous basis into the fatty tissue, and that acts as your background insulin replacing the need for long-acting insulin.

On the other side it also does your bolusing for you, which means whenever a patient is going to eat or has to correct their blood glucose, they will program that into their pump and it will deliver a bolus infusion.

If you think this insulin therapy is for you, you should discuss it with your diabetes clinical care team, and nce you've decided that this is the therapy you have to decided to go with there are many companies out there to talk with and explore their products, and most of them can help you through the insurance process of seeing what is covered or not covered through your plan.

Presenter: Ms. Cecilia Hamming, Nurse, Vancouver, BC

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