How to Quit Smoking

Dr. Daniel Ngui, BSc (P.T), MD, CFPC, FCFP, Family Physician, discusses smoking.

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Dr. Daniel Ngui, BSc (P.T), MD, CFPC, FCFP, Family Physician, discusses smoking.
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Featuring Dr. Daniel Ngui, BSc (P.T), MD, CFPC, FCFP

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Quitting smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health.

There are benefits of quitting at any time, and in fact you’ll be reducing your risk of heart disease, lung cancer and breathing problems. Speaking to your physician can help you develop a plan to work on quitting smoking.

It’s important that you write something down; have a clear idea why you’re quitting. Have an idea of what are your barriers and how to overcome them and what your concerns of withdrawal are. Most importantly pick a date to quit and write it down. Speak to your physician about this.

By choosing a quit date and writing it down, it solidifies what your plans are. You can share it with your friends, you can share it with your family for support and encouragement.

It’s important that if you have any questions or any concerns that you make an appointment to speak to your physician or your local expert. Treatments vary according to patient as well as physician, so once again, make an appointment and speak to your physician.

Presenter: Dr. Daniel Ngui, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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