Erectile Dysfunction - PD5's & Other Treatments

Dr. Richard Bebb, MD, ABIM, FRCPC, Endocrinologist, discusses Erectile Dysfunction - PD5's & Other Treatments

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Dr. Richard Bebb, MD, ABIM, FRCPC, Endocrinologist, discusses Erectile Dysfunction - PD5's & Other Treatments
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Featuring Dr. Richard Bebb, MD, ABIM, FRCPC
Erectile Dysfunction - PD5's & Other Treatments
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Our oral agents for erectile dysfunction are the PD5 inhibitors.

And they work by, in essence, improving blood flow into the small vessels of the penis. The penis is, in a simplistic form, a fancy sponge that inflates itself and deflates itself under the control of vascular mediators.

And the PD5 inhibitors increase the level of a natural mediator inside the penis which allows an erection to occur easily or more easily, and it’s critical to understand that. They don’t make an erection occur; they allow erection to occur.

So, if you take one of the pills and you decide not to be sexually active at that time it won’t cause an erection, it’s only while you take the drug, while it’s in your body, before it’s been metabolized away. During that time, it will be easier for you to get an erection.

While the oral medications for erectile dysfunction are very effective, they don’t work for everyone. And so if they don’t work for you, we would then generally suggest going to one of a number of other medications that can used, or therapies that can be used, and that include an external vacuum device, which through vacuum pressure allows an erection to occur, that can include potentially injecting medication into the penis with a very fine syringe, like an insulin syringe.

Although it seems invasive it actually works very well. Medication can be given in through the urethra on the end of the penis which could be absorbed which can be effective.

If the vacuum device, injection therapy, or intraurethral therapy either don’t work for you or aren’t particularly appropriate in your particular situation, there is always the option of having surgery for erectile dysfunction. And that involves the placement of either permanently rigid or adjustably rigid prosthesis inside the penis to produce rigidity sufficient enough for intercourse.

So, if you have questions about erectile dysfunction or low testosterone, whether you think you have these conditions or you wish to explore the therapies, do discuss it with your primary care practitioner.

Presenter: Dr. Richard Bebb, Endocrinologist, Victoria, BC

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PD5 inhibitors are only one possible solution to erectile dysfunction.


PD5 inhibitors do not cause erections, rather they help the man achieve an erection when he is ready.


Patients can take PD5's with 100% confidence as they work for everyone.

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