Continuing Diabetes Education

Lori Berard, RN, CDE, Diabetes Educator, discusses how to work with your diabetes care providers.

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Lori Berard, RN, CDE, Diabetes Educator, discusses how to work with your diabetes care providers.
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Featuring Lori Berard, RN, CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator)

Video Title: Continuing Diabetes Education Duration: 1 minute, 43 seconds

It’s really important for people who live with diabetes to receive diabetes self-management education.  

That means education around foods to eat, activity that’s beneficial for them, how their medications work – and in some cases, that can include monitoring their blood glucose levels.  

So it’s important to go out and seek that information if you haven’t already received it. And sometimes it’s also very important to go back and get a refresher because things do change.  

So for example, you may have already seen a dietitian and gotten a really exceptionally good food plan, but you might have introduced something back into your diet thinking it was good for you when in fact it’s still loaded with sugar.

People want to get more active and they’re not sure how to do that, so getting an activity plan – especially if you have any complications – your healthcare professional can help you with that.  

Understanding your medications – obviously there are lots of questions that you might have. And last but not least, self-monitoring of blood glucose can have an important role of helping you understand how all of those things work together; how your food, activity and medications work to help you control your diabetes.

People living with diabetes are dealing with a chronic disease that affects every day, every minute of every day, for the rest of their lives. It’s important that you become knowledgeable so that you become empowered to manage your own disease. To be able to gain that knowledge, you need to seek out professionals who can help you with that.  

It’s really important that you understand the targets that you should be achieving individualized to yourself, but in alliance with your National Diabetes Association guidelines. And know who your diabetes educator is and how they can help you because truly, only you can manage your diabetes. We’re here to support you.

Presenter: Lori Berard, Nurse, Winnipeg, MB

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