Thyroid & Hormones Endocrinology Center

Thyroid & Hormones Endocrinology Center is a center of excellence in caring for patients with thyroid disorders, diabetes and other endocrine diseases. The center extends the cutting edge in diagnosis and management of endocrine disorders especially thyroid nodule, thyroid cancer, thyroid and parathyroid disorders by providing : • On-Site, Real Time endocrine neck ultrasound with power Doppler • Pre-operative Lymph node mapping. • Post-surgical surveillance ultrasonography for thyroid cancer monitoring. • Ultrasound guided Fine Needle biopsy (FNA) for nodules, cysts and cancer-suspicious Lymph nodes and lesions with maker washings for: Thyroglobulin, Calcitonin, PTH and Flow cytometry. The center also provides consultation on management of diabetes, pituitary disorders, adrenal disorders and osteoporosis.

Thyroid & Hormones Endocrinology Center Practitioners

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