Family Medicine St Joseph Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario

The Family Medicine Department consists of 254 Family Doctors and 41 Midwives. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the connection between primary health care and specialist care at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. We strongly believe that this relationship is a vital part of the health care system, with important benefits for:

QUALITY PATIENT CARE: We work closely with the specialist groups in the Hospital, to ensure optimal safety and efficiency for our patients, through efforts to stream-line communications especially around the transitions between hospital and home. We are also engaged in regular quality of care reviews & research to enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes.

LIFELONG LEARNING: We are committed to the ongoing professional development of our members, as well as any member of the health care community, through educational activities such as rounds and workshops. Through our Committee on Utilization Review we are also committed to playing an active role in research activities as they are relevant to community based health care.

EDUCATION: Many of our members are affiliated with the Academic Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University, and participate actively in the education of learners in their offices, as well as during their work at the hospital.

COMMUNITY CARE: We work closely with other community agencies such as the Department of Public Health, and other Family Medicine organizations in this community and beyond to enhance health care initiatives in the region.

Family Medicine St Joseph Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario Practitioners

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