Cambridge Cardiac Care Centre

Cambridge Cardiac Care Centre is a full service non-invasive cardiology centre focused on prevention of cardiovascular illnesses, early & accurate diagnosis of cardiovascular risk & disease, as well as thorough & complete cardiovascular therapy & rehabilitation. Our expert staff will provide you on site counseling & education to help you heal yourself. Our state of the art cardiac testing facility will provide you with rapid & complete non-invasive on site cardiac investigations. Through our focus on life style change & cardiac rehabilitation, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to help protect you from cardiovascular illness or recover from it should it pre-exist. Ask our staff how these various services fit into your cardiovascular health. Together, we can empower you to lead a heart healthy life.

Cambridge Cardiac Care Centre is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence dedicated to providing state of the art Complete Cardiovascular Care through cardiovascular health promotion & prevention, early detection & comprehensive therapy to create a community of health where citizens live longer healthier lives. As the designated preferred provider of Cardiac Rehabilitation Services to Cambridge Memorial Hospital & catchment of the city of Cambridge & surrounding region, we are committed to providing a comprehensive Cardiac Rehab program that encompasses all aspects of wellness: physical, dietary, emotional, sexual, and work/ social reintegration. The centre is designed to provide community based access to service excellence in a warm, inviting & non-threatening environment. Our commitment is to enable wellness, embrace learning & expand the therapeutic horizon.

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